Capital Campaigns

Airo Partners has partnered with churches and nonprofit organizations on more than 100 capital campaign projects. We have discovered campaigns to be faith-building experiences as organizations have an opportunity to cultivate a culture of stewardship and generosity.

When we embark on a capital campaign with a church or ministry, there’s more to it than just fundraising for a building or project. Airo uses a unique consultation for leaders and development staff—often in a retreat-type setting. During this time we will cover topics including:

  • Clarity of mission, vision, and strategy
  • Faith-based approaches to increasing generosity and consistent giving
  • The role of electronic giving
  • Opportunities for estate giving
  • Ongoing relationship management
  • Celebration-oriented reporting

Additionally, we have found great value in donor assessments as part of our work with fundraising and capital campaigns. Through confidential, professional face-to-face interviews and surveys, Airo tests the feasibility of a fundraising effort by evaluating buy-in and financial support before a campaign is ever designed or executed.

This research is invaluable for giving senior leadership insight and clarity to develop a road map based on how God is calling them and how God’s people are engaged in this calling.