About Airo

Airo Partners works with those who serve the poor, heal the broken, and seek the lost, but whose growing organizations leave them burdened with responsibilities such as organizational structure, marketing, and fundraising. Too often faith-based nonprofits are under prepared for these new demands and the organizations plateau because leaders are forced to focus on day-to-day operations rather than their overall mission. Airo teams up with these leaders and helps them navigate their new reality so their organizations can fulfill their vision. We believe that developing strategy, messaging, and funding allows leaders to maintain their focus and advance their cause.

Located in metro Detroit, Airo helps faith-based organizations across the region, country, and world.

AIRO αἴρω #142 (AIRÓ): VERB.
1. Lift up

"get up, lift up your mat and walk." (Matthew 9:6)
"they lifted their voices to God in one accord" (Acts 4:24)
Airo (we pronounce it "arrow") is from the Greek word αἴρω (pronounced more like "I row").  We see the word throughout the New Testament, such as when Jesus heals the paralytic and tells him to airo his mat and walk. Jesus also commands his disciples in Matthew to airo their cross and follow Him.